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Humiliating Ass Fucking

Gay MaleHardcore

Humiliating Ass Fucking By: Londebaaz Chohan Laski slapped Nussbaum’s lovely ass when he did not answer immediately a question asked by Laski, if he got turned on by the roughness shown by Laski. "Answer me, bitch”, he said; “Are you turned on by my roughness? Are you ready to take my hard cock deep inside your throat and beg me to fuck you?" Laski was not in a mood for games tonight. He was very horny and he simply wanted to fuck Gifford Nussbaum very hard and rough, making him scream and shout. He pulled off Gifford’s shirt over his head and also took his pants off leaving him wea… Read more

Posted by londebaaz 24 minutes ago 32

Last Halloween: Fucked by a Demon

Gay MaleTabooHardcore

I was hot and aroused, but frozen with fright at the same time. She was moaning and groaning, it was a female voice, yet there was something evil and monster-like with it. Fuck it! Why not get fucked by a demon? I mean it was a female, at least, and I am bisexual and like fucking girls too. Hey, if this feels good, what is the harm? Unless this demon kills or eats it's prey after fucking it, then I would be screwed. In the other way. This was last Halloween. I was at my fictional fantasy Sugar Daddy's house alon… Read more

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Stepdaughter caught playing with her clit


I came back from work and I hear noises upstairs and I go up and as I get closer to my stepdaughters room I hear her moaning and talking and she is saying that she is so horny and want me to come over to her and fuck her saying she wants it as I go to her door and I trip and her door opened with her lying with her legs wide and moving her hips as she puts a vibrator inside her cunt and she has her eyes shut and she opens them to see me looking at her beautiful dark hairy pussy and I walk into her room and see her noticed my hard cock and I asked her when she last had a cock sliding in her cunt… Read more

Posted by hornyashell07 24 minutes ago 191

Leave club & have sex with woman in front of b

FetishFirst TimeVoyeur

I’m out the other evening. I go home with a young lady. We get to her house. She says she lives with her brother before we get inside. I think nothing of it, we get inside. He’s watching tv in the living room. We stumble to the couch. She tells him to “get lost.” He disagrees. She says whatever. She starts making out with me undoing my shirt. She undoes my belt buckle. Unbuttons my pants unzipped them & pulls my hard cock out. She taunts him saying “You see this. This is a Man!” One hand lightly stroking the other cupping both balls. She looks up at me gives me a kiss & begins to give… Read more

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My first two BIG BLACK COCKS... in a hotel room...

HardcoreInterracial SexAnal

Hi all, it’s Roxy again :-) Guess what I JUST did. Yep, I finally got MY BBC! Writing these stories about Scott (see: Huge Cock takes her virgin pussy; and, Huge Cock takes my hungry little pussy-in the dorm) made me sooooo horny that I had to go out and get me some! I have to admit, I was desparate this time and so took some risks I wouldn’t normally take; but, that’ll have to be another story for another time. For now, I’m going to skip ahead a bit in Scott’s story (which I recorded, with his permission, a couple days ago when we had lunch) and get to when Scott finally got his BBC! In his w… Read more

Posted by Roxyblack 1 hour ago 114

A Young Nurse Has to Put Out

HardcoreFirst Time

When I caught Tracy stealing d**gs, I knew she was going to fuck me. “What are you doing, Tracy?” I said as I walked into the small, dark pharmaceutical room that night. She jumped so violently that she dropped the bottle she was holding and little white pills went flying across the floor. She wheeled around with a startled look on her face that said it all. She was horrified at being caught. “Oh my god! Dr. Jacobs!” The room was lit only by the city lights streaming through a small window. Even in that low light, he… Read more

Posted by CTHays 1 hour ago 353 100%

Conclusion: White Cougar n The Black Bull - 1st I

Interracial SexMature

<u>TRUE STORY - The Cougar seduces her new young Black Bull </u>Helene plants a wett French kiss on me , as she crawls across the long seat on her hands and knees. Helene breaks our mouths from embrace as she has unbuckled my belt and unzipped pants and she inserts her hand into my linen pants, as she draws her open mouth and lips toward my thick raging Big Black Cock which is in full view for her to see . "Yes baby, mama has been waiting to free your cock .. I mean my Big Black Cock from your pants since we first kissed hello in the diner. My BBC is so thick and long I'm gonna make it… Read more

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Box Office Bang! (P12) (For LF69).


I swung my legs off the bed and stood up to embrace Gemma. My fat, slimy cock pressed against her tummy, my slippery knob nudging the underside of one of her tits! She looed down briefly at the leaky purple knob and gasped! Looking at me she smiled and said, "Ooh Daddy! It is big, isn't it? I can't wait to have that up me"! I leaned forward and and kissed her; my tongue slipping into her mouth as I simultaneously reached down and gently cupped her warm, fleshy labia and I began to stroke the little bud of her clit. "And so you shall, my darling...and so you shall! But..." she loo… Read more

Posted by bigelectroking68 2 hours ago 62

Wike catches us part III


Wife Catches Us part III.. Mary allowed me to relax for fifteen minutes before yelling for Steve. Steve entered the room wearing a leather harness and chaps with his cock swinging side to side. I almost fainted due to Steve’s appearance, fucking hot. Mary told Steve she knew I would like it, turned to me and handed me yet another shot of tequila. After I downed the shot Mary ordered me to put the hood back on and announced round 2. I was moved to a sling and my ankles were secured high above my head. I felt two sets of hands rubbing my ass checks and exposed hole. The hands kept exploring goi… Read more

Posted by 4olderbicouples 2 hours ago 181 100%

BLOOD DIAMONDS Chapters 16 - 20

HardcoreHumorFirst Time

Chapter 16 The Present... Sicily The old man hung up the phone and left the patio. Walking down the hall to his study he moved books away from a section of his bookshelf and opened the wall safe hidden behind them. Withdrawing a small notebook, he leafed through it until he found the number he needed. Dialing the number from the phone on his desk he waited for the connection then spoke without greeting, "The two men I asked you about before. Do you know where they are? Good. Collect them. I will tell you then what to do." Setting down the phone, he leaned back in his chair an… Read more

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Lady Of The House 2 The Locals

AnalGroup SexMature

Her name is Leah Feller I wrote a story about her when she was living in Kirk, Colorado on a ranch with her boyfriend. My crew installed a roof on her house and she showed us a great time while we were there. After posting the last story I've been contacted by some guys in the area that also knew her and had some great experiences with her, their encounters need to be shared. The first is from a young man that helped Leah move in when she returned from Arizona in 2010 with her new boyfriend. He explained that sh… Read more

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Fucked by married man fantasy came true


Hi all just letting you know that the fantasy come true I caught up with an old friend we met by chance at a bar when I was drinking looking for some fun. We got chatting talking about the old days I noticed the ring on his finger where was talking about his wife he was out having a drink they had a fight a day or so ago and have barely talked since she is away at her mother's so he's drowning in sorrows and of course I am a good girl that just wants to give him a shoulder and a ear to talk to. After a while more drinks have been sunk and he started complimenting me on how I have not aged and… Read more

Posted by Curvyinkprincess 3 hours ago 714 100%

My Sissy neighbor

Gay MaleAnal

I noticed my neighbor looked different when he returned from college, he seemed sexier and more effiminate. I couldn't get him off of my mind, then one saturday afternoon, my wife left for the weekend and I knew my nieghbors had gone on a trip to Vegas leaving Pepe their son to look after things. I had a plan. I called him over as he came out to wash his car. "hey Pepe , I need some help with something could you come over later and help me out." "Sure thing, Manuel, no problem" An hour later he was there at my front door, he came in wearing cut off blue jeans and a tight tank top that made hl… Read more

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A Fantasy Cruise

MatureHardcoreGroup Sex

You may be wondering what these women have in common. The story started about five years ago. John had worked his butt off for many years as an automobile mechanic, living frugally and saving his hard earned money for a sailing yacht so that he could cruise the world in style once he retired at a relatively young age. Part of his plan was to remain single and invite women who he found attractive to join him on different legs of his journey. He… Read more

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Sexual Fantasies: The Stash

Gay MaleMasturbationTaboo

DISCLAIMER: This particular series of stories will be one-off adventures. Some long, some short. Some straight, some lesbian, some bi, some sissy, some gay (probably most). But hopefully you’ll find them arousing! Sexual Fantasies The Stash Adam, 18, watched from the window as his mother left for work. His stepdad, Rich, had left over an hour ago. Adam was alone, with the house to himself. He smiled, knowing exactly what he was about to do. He had been snooping around a week ago and stumbled upon an old shoebox under Rich’s side of the bed. When he lifted the lid, he was exci… Read more

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The Camp Out PT 8

Group SexTaboo

The Camp Out PT 8 I woke about 4:00 in the afternoon. Still raining, some of the bois just lingering about the camp, others, like me, had just retired to their tents, dozing in and out. Blankenship asks me about packing out, and closing ceremonies. “Can we do that in all this rain”? “Well, it's possible, but it would be miserable. I'll go up to the office before they close to see about extending our stay”. As it turned out, because of the rain, most of the reservations had canceled for the weekend, so I annie up two more days, hoping to ride out the rain. It was actually four sites, in a ro… Read more

Posted by tappinit 5 hours ago 296

We picked up the wrong guys

BDSMGroup SexLesbian Sex

My name is Sami, I’m 24 years old, with the help of a skilled plastic surgeon, I have a body to die for. Tits are 34 Double D’s, nipples extremely sensitive, so much so, that when they are played with, I can easily loose all sense of where I am or what is happening to me, until they have had a chance to relax. Being gifted with my father’s darker skin tones, the blonde hair gives me a hungry sexual look. My closest friend, Erika is a brunette, almost the same size tits that I have, but her skin is so soft a fair, we are a mat… Read more

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Mrs. Dora Adventure (Part III)


It was Sunday, around noon, and Mrs. Dora and her husband Marko were soon to go to Sunday lunch at Mrs. Dora's mother. While Marko was getting ready, Mrs. Dora was sitting at her computer, sorting out some chores, and then she opened a folder with her favourite pictures… She opened Ana's pictures… She was thinking… While attending dancing classes the week before, she heard that the previous summer Ana’s heart was broken by another of her unfortunate loves, allegedly a Spaniard. Poor Ana, the little beauty's heart is broken again! Indeed, during the dancing class, her face seemed sad… Mrs. Dora… Read more

Posted by dorineavanture2013 6 hours ago 549

The Neighbors Know (Part 2)

VoyeurInterracial SexMasturbation

[ This is for Julie, a long time acquaintance and fellow lover of BBC, and writer of some very interesting and complex erotica of her own! ] "I don't how they do it," my wife said, looking out through the Venetian blinds in our front living room window, and out across to the young married couple on the opposite side of the street, "but somehow this whole three-some thing works for them." I'd come to the same conclusion myself. "I haven't seen their black friend over there much," I said. "Or, not very often." "Yeah," my wife said. "He planted the seed and now he's off planting it in other… Read more

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The Massage


Sarah locked the car and collecting her beach bag began the short walk down the steep stony path to the cove. She had discovered the small beach whilst out walking a few weeks earlier and it had quickly become her favorite spot. Usually it was empty or perhaps just one or two people, usually naked sunbathing or swimming .Once she saw a couple making out and felt a pang of desire as her own boyfriend was back home in England. They had agreed for the summer she was away to do their own thing but Sarah hadn't met anyone in the small village where she was located and there didn't seem much to do .… Read more

Posted by comeking 6 hours ago 924 100%